Beauty Salon Treatments for men & women

We have a comprehensive menu of both strip & hot wax & threading treatments available for you


is the ancient art of hair removal which uses the skill of the therapist and a cotton thread to gently remove hair. It is kinder to the skin than waxing so good if you have a sensitive skin. Great for facial hair & brows


Strip Wax & Hot Wax

we use strip wax and fabric strips to remove hair from the body and now available hot wax for face, body & brows. Brazilian & Hollywood waxing is speciality.

If you are thinking about having a waxing treatment please read the waxing information later on this page.

Below is a list of some of our waxing treatments but is by no means a definitive list for other prices please call the salon.

Waxing Price List

  • ankle to knee £15.95
  • full leg £24.50
  • bikini line strip wax (regular) £10.50
  • Brazilian strip wax £21.50
  • Hollywood strip wax £26.95
  • underarm strip wax £10.50
  • chest from £15.95
  • back from £15.95
  • lip or chin from £8.95
  • arm strip wax £15.95

Hot Waxing Price List

  • Brazilian hot wax £32.50
  • Hollywood hot wax £34.50
  • g-string bikini hot wax £24.00
  • bikini hot wax £16.00
  • underarm hot wax £16.00


  • Lip £7.95
  • Chin £7.95
  • Sides Of Face £14.95

Waxing Advice & Aftercare

Please let us know prior to treatment if any of the following apply before your treatment. You will be asked to read this when you come for your treatment

• You have any infectious or contagious conditions.

• You have recently had any cosmetic procedures in the area to be treated

  • You are taking any medication or are using any product (including AHA’S) which may affect skin sensitivity

• You have had any beauty treatments performed on the area to be treated in the last week

• You have been performing strenuous exercise or that your skin is excessively perspiring

• You have been on a sunbed or been sunbathing, or had any other heat treatment in the last 24 hours

• If there is anything else which may affect the treatment please discuss this with your therapist.

Possible Side Effects

Skin Grazing – the very top layer of the epidermis may be removed which can make the skin feel sore and weepy – this will dry up after around 36 hours but the skin will look dry and darkened temporarily. Redness and irritation, bruising, pustules (spots) may occur due to a natural reaction of the follicle particularly in men which may last a few days. If you are having waxing for a special occasion or are concerned about the above we suggest that you discuss alternative treatments such as Threading. If you continue with the treatment it will be at your own risk.

Waxing Aftercare Advice

Do not do any of the following for 24 hours after your waxing treatment;

Use a sunbed, sunbathe or use any other form of heat treatment

Perform strenuous exercise or go swimming,

Apply make-up or skin care products to the area

Apply self-tanning treatments.

Touch the area other than with cleansed hands

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